Affiliate FAQ

We’ve taken the most common questions our affiliates have and compiled them here for your reference.

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Question: Who is my main point of contact?
Answer: Please contact Amy Morin’s team with any questions or problems.

Question: What is my affiliate percentage that I’m earning?
Answer: Affiliates earn 25% of the sale price.

Question: How do I track my link?
Answer: From your Affiliate Dashboard, you will be able to track all sales statistics and referrals, including the number of visits versus percentage conversion, and the amount of paid and unpaid earnings due.

Question: Is there anywhere I shouldn’t put it or where it won’t track correctly?
Answer: Put the link anywhere it would be appropriate to talk about the product. You don’t want the “link” to become too “pitchy”. It’s important that the link or information about the product are always given in context in a way where people perceive its true value.

Question: Why do some people not get tracked?
Answer: No system on the internet is perfect, and affiliate tracking is no different. Our affiliate system is state of the art and has been purposefully developed to accurately track users as they come from your link. However, it’s still leverages certain technologies (like tracking cookies, for example) that can be disabled by the end user. Typically it’s a very small percentage of people that have these “aggressive” security settings in place (usually around 2% – 4% of all total users).

Question: How often do I get paid?
Answer: Affiliates are paid once a month, one month after the sale was made.

Question: Who can join?
Answer: Affiliates should be invested in sharing credible self-improvement information that educates the public. Therapists, fitness trainers, athletic coaches, self-help authors, and business coaches make good affiliates for my eCourse.

Question: If I refer another affiliate, can I get paid for that?
Answer: Unfortunately no.

Question: Is there a commission cap?
Answer: No! We would love to cut you a check for lots of money every month. That would mean we are both winning!

Question: If someone has an issue with the product, to whom do I refer them?
Answer: Contact tech support if you experience any technical difficulties. They typically respond within 36 hours.