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We’re excited that you’re now on board to share Mental Strength: Mastering the 3 Core Factors with the world. On this page you will learn how our affiliate system works, how you benefit, and how you can get the most out of it.

Affiliate Dashboard Affiliate FAQ

Who You Are as an Affiliate
Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing that allows you to earn commissions by sending traffic to a website. When a customer clicks on your referral link (or banner) and makes a purchase, the website can track that sale back to you so you earn a commission.

Affiliates are an integral part of many successful online businesses that practice authentic, human-to-human marketing. This system assures the integrity of the product and we want our guarantees and rave reviews to come from results-loving, happy customers, and students! Your tribe wants to hear directly from you about the products and services in which you think they ought to invest. So, we’ve decided to create a way for you to earn for your influence.

Don’t Know Where to Begin?
Your Affiliate Dashboard is your home base. Refer back to this place as often as possible! This is where you can track your sales, conversions, and the amount of affiliate revenue you’ve earned. We will be updating the content in the creatives section as well.

A Note on PayPal
We conduct all of our affiliate payouts through PayPal. PayPal makes it very easy to issue and track payments. Here’s the REALLY important thing – you must make sure your affiliate PayPal email (found at the bottom of your Affiliate Dashboard), is the same as your actual PayPal email. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Pro Tips

To succeed as an affiliate, promotion is key! We have collected a number of useful and powerful tools to help you increase sales and referrals.

Using a social media scheduling program is a fantastic way to save yourself some time in the promotion of this product by letting automation do some of the work for you! This way, you can remain focused on engaging with your current audience and just being YOU without feeling like a salesman all the time. You might already use one, but if not, we highly recommend using Buffer!

Using Twitter
Twitter has been an incredible tool when it comes to making announcements about the release of a product, blog post, or news of any kind out there in the world.

Social Ads & Promoted Posts
If you’ve never created ads on a social media platform before, I’m pleased to tell you that it is much easier than you might think! Both Twitter and Facebook ads can be easily set up for the promotion of this product. A promoted post is more likely to show up on people’s feeds and timelines and could potentially drive more conversions for sales of the product.

Making Your Own Graphics
A well designed graphic will elevate your affiliate promotion, add professionalism and has the potential to create an initial visual interest in the product. While the Creatives section of your Affiliate Dashboard contains various styles of graphics for you to utilize, you may want to create your own graphics for social media, blogs, or even your website. A great online tool for making quick, beautiful, properly-sized graphics is Canva. If or when you decide to make graphics, remember to place our company logo or an image of the product in all of the graphics you make!

Using Video
We thoroughly enjoy the use of video in online promotion and brand advocacy. This really helps put an authentic face to the story that the product’s brand is telling. We know that this might seem like a hard thing to do as an affiliate and not the real face of the brand, but we’ve found a handful of ways that this works!

With YouTube being the second largest search engine (and one that often shows up in Google’s search results), video assets can be another way to tell the story of what you do and why they should buy your products. Show the passion that has gone into your work and you’ll stand apart from your competitors; it’ll elevate your brand and convince them to buy (and keep buying).

Tip: As you tell your story, explain how you saw a need and had a solution to overcome the problem. Convey that you’ve solved something that they, the customer, need help with.

Contests & Incentives
Increasing the buzz around a product is best done when you give your tribe a reason to engage. Incentivizing through freebies, contests, and challenges is a popular tactic to create excitement around the release or impact of a product. We recommend using Rafflecopter for your social contests.

Using Your Blog
Your blog is a very key part of helping this product get out to the right people. If you have a blog, it’s because you’ve got something to say to people. In fact, you might have a lot of people that come to you just to hear your particular words. This platform should host everything your brand cares about, including products you’re affiliated with. Your Affiliate Dashboard features graphics you can host on your site, in your posts, via your blogroll or favorites list, or anywhere you see fit! If you link to the eCourse in some of your blog posts and share that post on social media, you’ll drive traffic to both YOUR site and the product you’re promoting.

Email Marketing
Never underestimate the power of email marketing! Even if you only have 20 email subscribers on your list, an email drip campaign can be a very powerful tool. People on your list will especially see this type of engagement as highly valuable if you’ve sent them an email that feels personal like it’s just for them. If you’re pretty new at this, you can just shoot out an email blast once a month featuring a list of your favorite things (including the product you’re selling!). Mailchimp is a great, easy-to-use email campaign platform.